Chinese vocabulary for the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

In hosting the trilogy of Summer, Winter, and Youth Olympic Games, China is a nation that has made significant breakthroughs in sports and winter sports as well. Hosting a green Olympics with a focus on sustainability, they also hope to enjoy the same degree of success as when they hosted the '08 Summer Games in front of international audiences.
In addition, it will be interesting to see how growing interest in winter sports in China among the Chinese people, State media and the Chinese government in recent years will affect tourism internationally, international relations and relevant product demand in the international community.
In this article, we go through relevant Chinese words and phrases that you can use during the Winter Olympics starting in China on February 4, 2022.


Chinese VOCABULARY that you should learn and use during the Beijing Olympics:

Àoyùnhuì 奥运会 - Olympics
Dōng Àohuì 冬奥会 - Winter Olympics
Àoyùnhuì kāi mù shì 奥运会开幕式 - The opening ceremony of the Olympics
Àoyùnhuì wǔ huán 奥运会五环 - the Olympic Rings

These are the Chinese names of all Beijing Winter Olympic Games sports that the professional athletes in:

1. běi ōu liǎngxiàng 北欧两项 - Nordic combined
2. bīng hú 冰壶 bīng hú - curling
3. bīngqiú 冰球 bīngqiú - ice hockey
4. dān bǎn huáxuě 单板滑雪 - snowboard
5. dōngjì liǎng xiàng 冬季两项 - biathlon
6. duǎn dào sù huá 短道速滑 - short track speed skating
7. gāng jià xuě chē 钢架雪车 - skeleton
8. gāoshān huáxuě 高山滑雪 - alpine skiing
9. huāyàng huábīng 花样滑冰 - figure skating
10. sùdù huábīng 速度滑冰 - speed skating
11. tiàotái huáxuě 跳台滑雪 - ski jumping
12. xuě chē 雪车 - bobsleigh
13. xuě qiāo 雪橇 - luge
14. yuèyě huáxuě 越野滑雪 - cross-country skiing
15. zìyóu shì huáxuě 自由式滑雪 - freestyle skiing
Winter sports - Cross-Country Skiing. Cartoon skier running. Athlete in red and white runs on skis. Flat style vector isolated on white background. With inscription in Chinese - Cross-Country Skiing.  (Winter sports - Cross-Country Skiing. Cartoon ski


Other relevant vocabulary:

Àoyùnhuì de shènghuǒ 奥运会的圣火 - the Olympic Torch
yùndòngyuán 运动员 – athlete
bǐsài 比赛 – match, competition
cáipàn yuán 裁判员(cáipàn yuán) - referee, judge
guīzé 规则 – rules
Àoyùnhuìhuìqí 奥运会会旗 - The Olympic Flag
jīnpái 金牌 – gold medal
yínpái 银牌 – silver medal
tóngpái 铜牌 – bronze medal
cán ào huì 残奥会 – Paralympic Games
Why not cheer up the favourite athletes of your Chinese friends or athletes from your own country by saying jiāyóu jiāyóu 加油,加油! This literally means "to add oil" or Go! Go!!
If you want more information about the sporting event before the closing ceremony starts, visit the official website for more information about the Beijing Games from the Chinese side here.



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