How do you tell others about your viewpoint in Chinese?

Being able to express yourself in Chinese allows you to engage in more in-depth conversations with others. As a result, communicating effectively with Chinese friends or colleagues requires sharing your own opinions in Chinese.
The Chinese words and sentences we will teach you in this article will help you express yourself and improve your Chinese level.


Giving advice and sharing opinions in Chinese: words and phrases


xiǎng 想 – to think, to want, to miss, to believe something

The xiǎng 想 character has multiple meanings: "to think", "to want", "to miss" or "believe something". Here are some examples of how to use the expression:
Nǐ zài xiǎng shén me 你在想什么? What are you thinking about?
Wǒ xiǎng kàn diànyǐng. 我想看电影。I want to watch a movie.
If you say wǒ bù xiǎng 我不想, that means "I do not want".
Wǒ xiǎng zhè jiàn yīfú yǒudiǎn dà. 我想这件衣服有点大。I think that this clothing is a little bit large.

kàn 看 – to look, think, regard

The character kàn 看 has several different meanings. It is most commonly used to describe the verb "to look", but it can also mean "to regard" or "to think about".
Nǐ kàn zhège fāngfǎ xíng bùxíng? 你看这个方法行不行? Do you think this method works?
Zài wǒ kàn lái 在我看来 In my opinion....

jué de 觉得 – to feel, consider

Wǒ juédé tā rén hěn hǎo. 我觉得他人很好。I feel that he is a nice person.

Yī wǒ yú jiàn 依我愚见 - In my humble opinion

If you want to say "in my humble opinion", you could say yī wǒ yú jiàn 依我愚见. This expression can literally be translated as "in my foolish opinion". However, this does not mean that the person saying this is foolish in a Chinese person's mind, but instead shows a tone of humbleness and respect.
If you want to say, "My opinion", you can also do this by saying Wǒ de yì jiàn 我的意見。。。 or Wǒ de kàn fǎ 我的看法 "My point of view...". If you then want to say "In my opinion", you can say yī wǒ de yì jiàn 依我的意見 or yī wǒ gè rén de kàn fǎ 依我个人的看法 "In my personal viewpoint". Here yī 依 is "according to" and gè rén 个人 means "personal".

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rèn wéi 认为 – to believe, to suppose, to consider

Wǒ rèn wéi wǒmen huì yǒu gèng hǎo de wèi lái. 我认为我们会有更好的未来。I think we will have a better future.

yǐ wéi 以为 – to believe, suppose, to be under the impression

The Chinese word yǐ wéi 以为 can be used to describe something that you believed to be true but was later proven to be false.
Wǒ yǐ wéi nǐ hái méi dào ne. 我以为你还没到呢. I thought you had not arrived yet.

xiāng xìn 相信 - to believe

Wǒ xiāng xìn tā shuō de dōu shì shì shí. 我相信他说的都是事实。I believe what he said is true.
Bàba xiāng xìn zhōng yī. 爸爸相信中医。My father believes in (the effect of) Chinese medicine.

rèn dìng 认定 – to firmly believe

Wǒ rèn dìng jiù shì tā xí jī le wǒ. 我认定就是他袭击了我. I firmly believe he was the one who attacked me.

xìn yǎng 信仰 – to believe strongly in something,  i.e. religion, conviction

Wǒ xìn yǎng ài qíng. 我信仰爱情。I believe in love!

Advice-Giving and advice-ASKING

If you want to ask someone's advice on something, you can use the expression qǐng jiào 请教 . The expression consists of the characters qǐng 请 "please" and jiào 教 "teach".
Yǒu kòng ma? Wǒ yǒu gōng zuò shàng de shì qíng xiǎng qǐng jiào yī xià nǐ. 有空吗?我有工作上的事情想请教一下你。Do you have time? I have something I want to ask you about at work.
You can also use the phrase qǐng zhǐ jiào 请指教, which means "please provide instructions on something".
Chūcì jiànmiàn, yǐhòu qǐng zhǐ jiào. 初次见面,以后请指教。This is the first time we meet, please advise me in the future.

jiàn yì 建议 - to advise or urge

Tā jiànyì wǒ huàngè gōngzuò. 他建议我换个工作。He advised me to change job.
You can use the phrase Méi yǒu jiànyì 没有建议 "Do not have any recommendation" if you don't feel strongly about something or if you don't want to say it.
Wǒ méiyǒu yìjiàn. Nǐmen shuō de dōu hélǐ. 我没有意见。你们说的都合理。I have no opinion. Everything you said is reasonable.



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